The Twitter Trend: RAs and Social Networking

As social networking services continue to evolve, regional associations are adopting and adapting. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are established as the leaders in new media, but best practices are still being codified. With these services constantly changing, regional associations are experimenting, playing, and finding out what works best for each organization.

Twitter is the current social media platform of choice for regional associations, with more than a dozen organizations maintaining a presence there—Facebook comes in a close second with eight RAs represented. Below is a list of RA twitter accounts that you can follow for the latest news from each organization and discussion of the wider field.

Arizona Grantmakers Forum – Marissa Theisen, President & CEO – @MRT5244
Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers – @ABAGrantmakers
Colorado Association of Funders – @Coloradofunders
Council of Michigan Foundations – @michfoundations
Donors Forum (Illinois) – @donorsforum
Donors Forum of South Florida – @donorsforumSF
Donors Forum of Wisconsin – @donorsforumofWI
Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers – @givingforum
Grantmakers Forum of New York – @GrantmakersNY
Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania – @GWPTweet
Iowa Council of Foundations – @IowaCoF
Iowa Council of Foundations – @iowayouthphil
Southeastern Council of Foundations – @secftweets
West Virginia Grantmakers – @WVGrantmakers

In a recent blog post for The Communications Network Blog, Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz, Communications Director of the Association of Baltimore Area Grantmaker (ABAG), said “We are using Twitter to communicate about the good work of our members, thus advancing ABAG’s mission of promoting philanthropy. And, we are on Twitter in order to be part of the national philanthropic dialogue taking place via Twitter, all day – every day.”

Buffy goes on to outline ABAG’s goals for their use of Twitter: to promote philanthropy, reach key audiences, engage the media, support the work of partners, engage members, and share information. Having an active presence on Twitter also helps ABAG read, process, and manage stories faster and more proactively in order to package the information for ABAG’s website, newsletter, and other member outreach tools.

For a full list of regional association social media presences, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, and more, click here.

Forum members can find more resources concerning Twitter and social media in general here (login required).

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