HUD Secretary Visits Philanthropy Northwest

On October 2, Shaun Donovan, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, visited with Philanthropy Northwest members whose work addresses homelessness and community resiliency in Seattle and the Puget Sound. This special Philanthropy Northwest discussion was co-sponsored with the Seattle Foundation and the Council on Foundations.

Calling philanthropy the “glue” in place-based interventions, the Secretary said there is now an opportunity to re-define the relationship between philanthropy and the federal government. His Office believes philanthropy can play a distinct role from the government and private sector by: supporting research and data collection and being a neutral broker of information; facilitating the sharing of information via convening; testing new ideas that could be scaled up to larger programs; and filling in the gaps of federal support by creating local, place-based solutions.

Three members, Betsy Lieberman from Building Changes, Norman Rice from The Seattle Foundation and Tricia McKay from the Medina Foundation, shared examples of their organization’s local work before the Secretary took general questions from the audience. Philanthropy Northwest thanks board member Richard Woo of The Russell Family Foundation for welcoming attendees and setting the context for this discussion.


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