Project Streamline Releases Guide to Streamlining Series

The first two components of Project Streamline’s Guide to Streamlining Series are now available.  Grant Budgets and Financial Reporting and Online Applications and Reporting provide recommendations to increase the net impact of a grant by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and removing technology barriers that distract from the mission of both the grantmaker and the nonprofits it serves.

Grant Budgets and Financial Reporting Guide
Grantseekers report that having to “slice and dice” their financial information is one of the most time and cost-intensive parts of grant seeking. The straightforward, technical advice of Grant Budgeting and Financial Reporting assists grantmaking organizations in eliminating rigid templates, timelines that do not align with nonprofit project schedules, and excessive reporting requirements. The Guide assists funders in decreasing financial reporting requirements for nonprofit organizations to the maximum extent possible, while still carrying out proper financial due diligence.

Online Applications and Reporting Guide
The Online Applications and Reporting Guide identifies both the essential and gold-standard features and practices of online systems to help grantmaking organizations implement a system that is user-friendly and designed to help grantseekers succeed. Focusing on the core values of making online grantmaking usable, clear, and comprehensive, the Guide not only addresses the features and functions of the technology, but also non-technical best practices of grantmakers that make the systems successful. A supplemental report evaluating seven different vendors against the essential and gold-standard features outlined in the report will be available in mid-March.

Both reports are available for download at  Project Streamline, a collaborative initiative of eight organizations including the Forum, led by the Grants Managers Network, is working to improve grant application and reporting in ways that reduce costs for both grantmakers and grantseekers.


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