Philanthropy Currents: A Sector-wide Events Calendar

This one has been under wraps for awhile so we’re very excited to see it out in the wild.

The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers and the Council on Foundations are pleased to announce the launch of Philanthropy Currents, an aggregate events calendar for the whole philanthropic field.

The calendar features the latest information on upcoming webinars, seminars, conference calls, peer learning opportunities, major conferences, and other offerings from philanthropic organizations, including regional associations and more than two dozen affinity groups.  It also includes valuable details such as event date, time, and location, program descriptions, presenters, speakers, and sponsors, and contact and registration information.  And of course, you can easily sort through events using the keyword or advance search feature.

Huge thanks goes to all the regional associations who have been diligently adding events to populate the calendar and offering us feedback through a series of webinars and conference calls. These kind of collaborative initiatives hinge on participation and the regional associations have lead the charge in making this calendar the best way to stay informed of what the field has to offer.

The calendar will be streamed to the Forum’s website this spring.  If you are interested in streaming the calendar to your website, please stay tuned for more information after we launch it on the Forum’s website.


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