Sample Publishing Matrix

Choosing your communication channels can be as hard as choosing your words. With the proliferation of tools from social networks to listserves to mobile updates, making sure that your members are receiving the information they want in the way that they want it can get a little hairy.

We’ve developed a “Publishing Matrix” to help us structure our communication. It is organized by content type (e.g. feature story, event, resource, etc.) and channel (e.g. Twitter, blog, newsletter, etc.). This format visualizes our communications output into a simple spreadsheet that ensures we hit all our marks when publishing different types of content.

You may consider using our matrix as a model or check out Aspiration’s Publishing Matrix (PDF), created by Allen Gunn—presenter on integrating social media into communications practices at last year’s annual conference—which we relied on in developing our own.

This document can be downloaded (XLS), or found on the Forum Web site (login required) by clicking through Learn More About, Member Support, Association Management, Communications, and has also been added to the Global Knowledgebase.


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