What You Missed at FOTH

Couldn’t make it to Foundations on the Hill? Here’s what you missed, from Chuck Peterson’s entry at the MCF Potluck Blog:

During our time on the Hill, we shared information with our members of Congress about grantmaking trends and examples of how grantmakers have responded to the economic crisis and supported our communities in extraordinary ways during these challenging times. We also discussed our legislative agenda (pdf) and encouraged all our elected representatives to support the IRA Charitable Rollover legislation (pdf) (HR 1250/S 864), simplification of the excise tax (pdf) (HR 4090/S676), and maintaining the current charitable deduction rates (pdf).

In addition to attending our meetings on the Hill, I participated in several conversations about philanthropy and public policy. Discussions focused on opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the sector, practical tools and examples of how to tell our stories, and the importance of building long-term relationships with our members of Congress as well as their staff.

While many thoughts and ideas where shared, one point in particular stood out for me when Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) made clear the intersection of philanthropy and public policy: “ . . . both lawmakers and philanthropists are charged with the task to improve the lives of the people and community we serve and we need continued dialogue to identify ways we together can partner on our joint missions.”


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