NCG on the Arts

Northern California Grantmakers have had a few great arts-related posts in the past day or so. First comes “10 Lessons on Supporting Individual Artists” by NCG member and Durfee Foundation president Claire Peeps.

  1. Artists would rather receive a grant by application than by nomination.
  2. Artists don’t want to be categorized by discipline or career level.
  3. Small grants are like stepping stones.
  4. Ease of application and quick turnaround are highly valued.
  5. Funding is needed at all levels of artistic development.
  6. Artists support artists.
  7. Grants encourage artistic risk-taking
  8. Local giving builds community and keeps it current.
  9. Artists make great panelists.
  10. Optimism Matters.

If you want more, read Claire’s full report, “Supporting Individual Artists: 10 Years, 10 Lessons.”

Just yesterday, NCG posted a link to Marc Vogl’s “Changing the Game: Next-Generation Strategies for the Arts” from the recent Grantmakers in the Arts conference. Well worth a read for anyone interested in supporting artists and arts organizations.

Photo of Daniel Chester French’s “Angel of Death and the Sculptor” courtesy of : / CC BY 2.0

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