Celebrating 10 Years of Philanthropic Innovation – New Ventures: 1998-2008

New Ventures in Philanthropy, an initiative of the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers, was a bold and innovative experiment to grow new philanthropic giving across the United States. Conceived by a national collaborative of funders and launched in 1998, New Ventures changed philanthropy in ways that continue to this day. The initiative made grants to local and regional collaboratives that explored innovative ways to encourage more charitable giving and resulted in more philanthropic dollars and more people involved in philanthropy. New Ventures inspired new ways for organizations to work together to grow giving, with partnerships continuing beyond the initiative’s involvement and support. New Ventures developed a plethora of tools and resources for organizations and individuals to use to promote philanthropy.

While the New Ventures in Philanthropy initiative accomplished a great deal during its 10 years, there is much work still to be done. A group of regional association leaders, who have been involved with the New Ventures initiative for many years, have developed strategies for the regional association network to continue efforts to grow new giving. The promotion of philanthropy work that began with the New Ventures initiative lives on.

Find out more about New Ventures’ important contributions to the field of philanthropy and the many resources the initiative produced that you can use in your promotion of philanthropy work in the Celebrating New Ventures section of the Forum Web site.

Dorothy (Dottie) A. Johnson
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
New Ventures Advisory Committee Chair

Barry Gaberman
Former Senior Vice President
The Ford Foundation
New Ventures Advisory Committee Chair


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