Latest Resources in the Guide to Streamlining Series

Project Streamline has released three more resources to help grantmakers streamline their practices as a part of the Guide to Streamling Series. Making Streamlining Stick, Right-Sizing the Grantmaking Process and Streamlining Online Grant Applications: A Review of Vendors, help grantmakers begin a streamlining effort, increase the net impact of their grants by right-sizing and choose online systems that truly streamline their applications. They are the latest in a series of tools and resources that already includes Grant Budgets and Financial Reporting, Online Applications and Reporting and Online Grant Applications: A Review of Vendors.

Making Streamlining Stick
While many components of the series provide technical solutions to technical problems, this guide helps grantmakers work through the changes in mindset, organizational culture and behavior that streamlining requires- the complex issues that have no ready-made answers. The guide illustrates the four basic phases of a streamlining effort and suggests activities and questions that can propel the process forward.

Right-Sizing the Grantmaking Process
Right-sizing is the concept that one size might not fit all when it comes to application and reporting. When grantmaking is right-sized, the information requirements are proportionate to the size of the grant, are appropriate to the type of grant and take into consideration prior relationships with grantees. Right-Sizing the Grantmaking Process lays out the case for right-sizing and provides concrete recommendations to funders on how to right-size their requirements.

Streamlining Online Grant Applications: A Review of Vendors
Online grant application systems can be a timesaver for all involved or they can cause grantseekers and grantmakers hours of unnecessary frustration. Project Streamline commissioned Idealware to develop a companion piece to the Guide to Streamlining Online Applications and Reportingreleased last month. It evaluates seven different vendors against Project Streamline’s Essential and Gold Standard features for online applications and reporting to help grantmakers identify the best systems to support their grantmaking.

All of the reports are available for download at Project Streamline, a collaborative initiative of eight organizations including the Forum led by the Grants Managers Network, is working to improve grant application and reporting in ways that reduce costs for both grantmakers and grantseekers.

Look out for the next two resources in the series, Take a Fresh Look at Information Requirements: Due Diligence Guide and Communications Guide scheduled for release by May 15.


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