PND Interviews Washington Grantmaker’s Tamara Copeland

Philanthropy News Digest has an interview up with Tamara Copeland of Washington Grantmakers (also superstar Forum board member). You can read the whole interview here, but here’s an exchange on the role of regional associations:

PND: What are some ways that grantmakers can engage other funders, particularly smaller family foundations that may not have much contact with peer institutions, in these kinds of undertakings?

TC: I’m really glad you asked that, because one of the primary roles of a regional association like Washington Grantmakers is to bring peers together. In Beyond Dollars, we included a short profile of the Strauch Foundation. They don’t have a huge endowment, but as part of one of our funding collaboratives, their dollars and voice are leading to big change.

If you’re not already engaged with the grantmaker association in your region, you can get in touch via the forum’s Web site. Because it’s good to stay connected; from the largest private foundation to the smallest family foundation, everyone has something to share and something to learn.


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