New Social Media Resources

Claudia Herrold of Ohio Grantmakers Forum recently dug up two cool new social media resources. I have a feeling she’s been on the hunt in anticipation of our exciting social media session at the Forum’s Annual Conference, “Choosing and Using Social Media to Achieve Regional Association Mission,” which she and I will co-present, along with Allen Gunn of Aspiration.

Though come to think of it, she could just as easily be preparing for tomorrow’s “How RAs Are Implementing Social Media/Web 2.0 Strategies, Part II” conference call, during which the Forum will continue our discussion sharing tips and lessons learned by those already waist-deep in social media waters.

So anyway, I was saying that Claudia discovered some great resources.

First is the Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report, which includes all kinds of juicy nuggets, like the fact that 86% of Nonprofits have a presence on Facebook and 60% are on Twitter.

Social networking continues to be a growing part of nonprofits’ online strategy, according to a second annual Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report recently released by NTEN, Common Knowledge, and ThePort. In an online survey conducted from February 3 to March 15, 2010, 1173 respondents representing nonprofits of all sizes and from multiple vertical segments indicate that a growing nonprofit presence on commercial social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but a decreased usage of house (private) social networks.

Claudia also pointed out this awesome chart from CMO, a “guide to the social media landscape.” Remember when we showed you the Allen Gunn-inspired publishing matrix? Well, CMO’s chart is a essentially a handy-dandy tool for optimizing how you use many of those channels. Definitely click through for this one.

Both of these items have been added to the Forum’s Knowledgebase (login required). Do you have more resources? Send them my way.


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