Program Spotlight: OGF’s Annual Reports: Moving from Print to Online

Great events are taking place around the network almost every day. It’s time we shine the spotlight on these model programs. What follows is a snapshot of an upcoming regional association program that addresses issues at the forefront of everyone’s minds. If you know of a program that may interest the rest of the network, contact Dan Brady at dbrady (at) to see it featured here.

Online storytelling is always a hot topic. Whether it’s how an organization can use online video or how to convey your message on Twitter, regionals are always looking to take their game up a notch. But what can you do with a data-heavy, old fashioned annual report? Ohio Grantmakers Forum has the answer.

Ohio foundations have impressive stories to tell about their work and engagement in communities, and 21st century technology offers exciting new ways to deliver the message. Some are replacing traditional print versions of their annual reports with interactive websites containing audio and video elements as well as the traditional contents such as financial data, grants lists and letters from board chairs.

In this statewide webinar, staff at The George Gund Foundation andSaint Luke’s Foundation will show us how they are changing the way they tell their stories, developing annual reports using innovative, interactive tools to engage the online reader.

By attending this webinar you will:

  • Be exposed to two award-winning examples of how foundations are using the Internet to tell their stories;
  • Learn about the hurdles they faced and how they overcame them;
  • Hear what additional steps they are contemplating;
  • Share what online tools you are exploring or using in your own communications efforts

Forward-thinking, practical, and member-focused, this OGF program offers lessons we can all learn from. Who would have thought annual reports could be so exciting? Learn more at


One response to “Program Spotlight: OGF’s Annual Reports: Moving from Print to Online

  1. This is the second such program we’ve done this summer at OGF — the first featured two of our corporate members and their online videos about their volunteer programs. About 35 foundation staff have registered for the upcoming program, so it appears there is significant interest in the topic of moving from print to online reports.

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