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Blog Vacation! Be back Sept. 7th.

I’ll be away on vacation until September 7th. At that time, this blog will return to its regularly scheduled programming. While I’m gone, check out other regional association blogs for fresh content and the latest news.



John Graham on Trends Shaping the New Normal

I’ve just uploaded video of John Graham’s presentation to regional associations from our annual conference to our YouTube Channel. Graham, President of ASAE and the Center, identifies four trends shaping the new normal for regional associations: mass customization, social media, changing demographics, and the rise of advocacy.

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How You Can Participate in the Giving Pledge

As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, Bill and Melinda Gates along with Warren Buffett have been encouraging their fellow billionaires to commit to giving the majority of their wealth to philanthropy through the Giving Pledge. This could yield an enormous windfall for philanthropy and help advance causes across the board. But what can you do to help? Continue reading

Help for Pakistan: An Update

Earlier this week, I posted a call for resources from regional associations responding to the flooding in Pakistan. Minnesota Council on Foundations has an informative post on their own blog, Philanthropy Potluck.

If you’re interested in helping the people of Pakistan, there are many trustworthy NGO’s responding to the disaster who are eager for your support — OxfamMercyCorpsDoctors Without Borders, and UNICEF among them. For a more complete list of options visit USA Today, or Asian American Giving.

To track ongoing developments in the philanthropic response to the floods in Pakistan, please visit the response page on the Council of Foundation’s site.

The Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers is also gathering resources. They sent a newsletter to their membership yesterday including lots of good information and resources, among them:

To help you sort and filter the information on the philanthropic response to the floods in Pakistan, we have established an ABAG Pakistan Relief Efforts Webpage to provide you with the latest information and resources.

You can also visit the ABAG Disaster Grantmaking & Preparedness Webpage for information on grantmaking in times of a disaster and our region’s philanthropic response to previous disasters.

Keep those links and resources coming. This disaster is far from over as the UN warns that the specter of disease outbreak looms large, especially for the nation’s children.

Publishing Matrix Evangelism

Another soul converted! Cary Walski of Minnesota Council on Foundations loves the publishing matrix in a recent blog for Philanthropy Potluck:

Referred to as the publishing matrix, the tool is a simple grid that lists the types of messages you produce, and then has a column for each of the communications mediums that you currently are using. Using an “X” you can indicate which type of message, whether it be a press release or a blog post, should receive what type of distribution (e.g. facebook post, tweet, etc.)

Cary caught the publishing matrix bug at the Forum’s Annual Conference. You can read more about how regional associations can use the matrix from our coverage here.

Philanthropy for Pakistan

WarpedThe United Nations says it has yet to raise half its $460 million target. The World Health Organization has received commitments for just 25 percent of the $56 million it has asked for. One aid group has called donations from European countries “feeble.”

Relief agencies say they are puzzled by the lack of generosity, while analysts cite a mix of factors: the disaster’s low death toll, its timing during the northern hemisphere’s summer holidays — and fears that aid money will be squandered through corruption or make its way into the hands of the Taliban.

After a slow start, the U.N. and relief agencies say donations are now rising as the scale of the calamity becomes clear. But the response has been far less spectacular than the global generosity that followed Haiti’s earthquake and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Since late July, floods triggered by monsoon rains have washed through Pakistan from its mountainous northwest, destroying hundreds of thousands of homes and an estimated 1.7 million acres (nearly 700,000 hectares) of farmland. Some 1,500 people have been killed, and 20 million are affected.

“The problem is that it’s not as immediate as an earthquake,” said Melanie Brooks of aid group CARE International. “It can’t be captured on a photograph like in Haiti. Someone wading through the water is not the same as seeing someone pulling a relative out of the rubble.”

What is your regional association doing to organize the relief response for flooding in Pakistan? Let me know and I’ll post back with resources.

Excerpts from AP. Photo used under Creative Commons license from NB77 on Flickr.

Colorado Giving Voice

The Colorado Association of Funders recently launched a blog, Colorado Giving Voice,  for sharing, storytelling, and raising awareness about Colorado philanthropy. The first entry comes from CAF CEO Joanne Kelley:

I found a FedEx box waiting on my doorstep when I returned home from my summer vacation last month. In it: a single test tube with two cotton swabs. My younger brother Tom had just been diagnosed with a rare condition that required an urgent bone marrow transplant. His doctors told him that a sibling donation would give him his best chance for survival. My two other brothers and I, spread out across the country, sent back our tissue samples and waited.

Joanne goes on to tell the personal story of donating bone marrow to her brother. In philanthropy, we often get wrapped up in big gifts and flashy campaigns and forget that the biggest impact is made by individuals choosing to make a difference.

Colorado Giving Voice provides a venue for sharing those stories of personal decision and giving. As Joanne says, “… in this age of social media, we know we can do far more to spread the word and inspire others to come together and make a difference.”

This is a blog to follow.