Forum Annual Conference Round Up

That was some conference! Thank you to everyone who came out. In a collaborative group like ours, it’s the attendees who make the conference a success. Reactions, responses, and comments continue to flow in here at Forum headquarters, so I wanted to share some of the early results with all of you.

Our Flickr set of conference photos is below. Have photos of your own you’d like to share? Tag them with “givingforum.”

We had a crew of regionals tweeting along with the action. Here are some reflective comments from our RA tweeps.

Reactions are also coming in from the Blogosphere. We’ve arranged for a number of guest bloggers to appear here on the Forum’s Forum in the coming days with stories from the conference, but Stephanie Jacobs from Minnesota Council on Foundations beat us to the punch posting this great recap:

For me, our most interesting plenary session was on Crucial Conversations, delivered by Ron McMillan from VitalSmarts. The stage was set for this session as we talked about how the field of philanthropy is changing.  Transitions like these often require staff and members of regional associations to engage in difficult conversations about future directions and the role associations play in supporting grantmakers on their journeys.

McMillan and his team call these discussions “crucial conversations” (which also happens to be the title of their best-selling book). Crucial conversations are those that have high stakes and opposing opinions, and that trigger strong emotions.  They are crucial because decisions about our future are often on the line.  In other words, these are conversations that matter.

Read her full report at Philanthropy Potluck.

Again, thank you to the conference committee for their leadership, to Donors Forum (IL) for playing host, and to all who attended. The time to get excited for next year’s conference begins right now.


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