Program Spotlight: Washington Grantmakers’ Philanthropist to Philanthropist Luncheon Series

Great events are taking place around the network almost every day. It’s time we shine the spotlight on these model programs. What follows is a snapshot of an upcoming regional association program that addresses an issue at the forefront of everyone’s minds. If you know of a program that may interest the rest of the network, contact Dan Brady to see it featured here.

The business of regional associations is all about making connections, including connecting our members to one another. The “Philanthropist to Philanthropist” luncheon series hosted by Washington Grantmakers does just that.  These SOLD OUT, invitation-only events are exclusively for family philanthropists in the DC region and provide a “safe space” for participants to openly discuss topics of wealth and giving. Each lunch features an interview and conversation with one of the region’s top philanthropists and explores how they have structured their giving to make an impact on issues of importance to them.

So far, the series has featured lunches with leading regional philanthropists George Vradenburg and Jack Davies. A lunch with Katherine Bradley is planned for September. Washington Grantmakers posts recaps of the event on their blog and website for members who cannot attend in person.

There is nothing more inspiring than hearing someone’s personal story. These events create an intimate, shared experience for members that they’ll never forget.

For more information on Washington Grantmakers’ Philanthropist to Philanthropist series, contact Katy Moore at


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