Colorado Giving Voice

The Colorado Association of Funders recently launched a blog, Colorado Giving Voice,  for sharing, storytelling, and raising awareness about Colorado philanthropy. The first entry comes from CAF CEO Joanne Kelley:

I found a FedEx box waiting on my doorstep when I returned home from my summer vacation last month. In it: a single test tube with two cotton swabs. My younger brother Tom had just been diagnosed with a rare condition that required an urgent bone marrow transplant. His doctors told him that a sibling donation would give him his best chance for survival. My two other brothers and I, spread out across the country, sent back our tissue samples and waited.

Joanne goes on to tell the personal story of donating bone marrow to her brother. In philanthropy, we often get wrapped up in big gifts and flashy campaigns and forget that the biggest impact is made by individuals choosing to make a difference.

Colorado Giving Voice provides a venue for sharing those stories of personal decision and giving. As Joanne says, “… in this age of social media, we know we can do far more to spread the word and inspire others to come together and make a difference.”

This is a blog to follow.


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