Help for Pakistan: An Update

Earlier this week, I posted a call for resources from regional associations responding to the flooding in Pakistan. Minnesota Council on Foundations has an informative post on their own blog, Philanthropy Potluck.

If you’re interested in helping the people of Pakistan, there are many trustworthy NGO’s responding to the disaster who are eager for your support — OxfamMercyCorpsDoctors Without Borders, and UNICEF among them. For a more complete list of options visit USA Today, or Asian American Giving.

To track ongoing developments in the philanthropic response to the floods in Pakistan, please visit the response page on the Council of Foundation’s site.

The Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers is also gathering resources. They sent a newsletter to their membership yesterday including lots of good information and resources, among them:

To help you sort and filter the information on the philanthropic response to the floods in Pakistan, we have established an ABAG Pakistan Relief Efforts Webpage to provide you with the latest information and resources.

You can also visit the ABAG Disaster Grantmaking & Preparedness Webpage for information on grantmaking in times of a disaster and our region’s philanthropic response to previous disasters.

Keep those links and resources coming. This disaster is far from over as the UN warns that the specter of disease outbreak looms large, especially for the nation’s children.


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