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Towards a Common Platform

Technology moves fast and it’s up to us to keep up with it. The Forum and its regional association partners, in consultation with the Council on Foundations, is beginning the process of looking for a new content management system built on a shared platform to upgrade our existing Knowledge Management System. We believe that an open source solution holds many benefits moving forward including platform flexibility, community support, and overall cost.

That said, like our new content management system, we want our selection process to be open. Across the next few months, we’ll be regularly posting updates, questions, and commentary and we want your input. You can leave comments here on the blog or them directly to Dan Brady at Continue reading


Gorilla Engagement

Next week I’m heading out to LA for the Communications Network Conference. The Communications Network is a membership organization for communications professionals in the philanthropic field that provides resources, guidance and leadership to advance the strategic practice of communications in philanthropy.

While I’m there, I’ll be participating in their Gorilla Engagment Squad. You’ll see frequent posts to this very blog about who’s there, what’s being said, and what are the latest ideas in philanthropic communications strategy. You can follow along even more closely on Twitter using the hashtag #ComNet010.

With Annual Conference Season upon us, the Communications Network is already providing great ideas for how to better communicate the value of your organization: create a Gorilla Engagement Squad! In advance of their conference, they’ve signed up 41 people to blog, tweet, and video everything that’s going on. That’s more than 10% of attendees who will be actively promoting, discussing, and utilizing knowledge gained at this event.  Not a bad way to kick things off.

More soon from the Golden State.

RAs and Social Media: The Numbers Game

Last week, Claudia Herrold at Ohio Grantmakers Forum posted “OGF Memebers Try Out Social Media,” a blog post illustrating how many of their members are using different social media platforms. Seemed like a good idea so I did the same for the Forum’s membership.

56% of members are on Facebook

53% are on Twitter

29% are on LinkedIn

26% are on YouTube

24% have blogs

Back in October 2009, things looked a little different. In a post called “The Twitter Trend: RAs and Social Networking,” I wrote:

Twitter is the current social media platform of choice for regional associations, with more than a dozen organizations maintaining a presence there—Facebook comes in a close second with eight RAs represented.

In the past 9 months, Facebook has eclipsed Twitter as the dominate platform used by regional associations to communication with their members and the field. It’s a slim lead—there are 19 RAs using Facebook while 18 use Twitter.

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Back on the Job

Did you miss us? The blog is back and, if the polls are any indication,  we want to talk about the same thing as all other Americans—jobs.  One job in particular in fact: Director of Member Services at Florida Philanthropic Network.

While we were away, FPN posted a job description and is seeking a talented professional to fill the role. You can get all the details and apply at

I hear Florida is beautiful this time of year…