RAs and Social Media: The Numbers Game

Last week, Claudia Herrold at Ohio Grantmakers Forum posted “OGF Memebers Try Out Social Media,” a blog post illustrating how many of their members are using different social media platforms. Seemed like a good idea so I did the same for the Forum’s membership.

56% of members are on Facebook

53% are on Twitter

29% are on LinkedIn

26% are on YouTube

24% have blogs

Back in October 2009, things looked a little different. In a post called “The Twitter Trend: RAs and Social Networking,” I wrote:

Twitter is the current social media platform of choice for regional associations, with more than a dozen organizations maintaining a presence there—Facebook comes in a close second with eight RAs represented.

In the past 9 months, Facebook has eclipsed Twitter as the dominate platform used by regional associations to communication with their members and the field. It’s a slim lead—there are 19 RAs using Facebook while 18 use Twitter.

Considering all the changes Facebook has in store across the next year, it will be interesting to see if they can hold the top spot with regional associations or if another mode of communication becomes more popular. Video sharing and blogging seem to be gaining momentum among members and may be areas to watch for emerging best practices.

For a full list of regional association social media presences, including Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, YouTube, and more, click here.

Forum members can find more resources concerning social media in general here (login required).

To connect with the Forum via social media, you can follow/friend/like us on:


Facebook Places (This is a new one! As Facebook continues to change how Pages work and the web gets more mobile, Facebook seems to be putting it’s eggs into Places. Places may eventually merge with Pages. How Places will work for nonprofits is still up in the air. Check out Nonprofit Tech 2.0’s post about how to get set up and what the future might hold.





If you manage social media for a regional association, email Dan Brady to be added to the Forum’s newly launched social media listserve.


One response to “RAs and Social Media: The Numbers Game

  1. Great overview and analysis – thanks! Going to now do the same for ABAG’s membership. Interested to learn more about FB Places too.

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