Gorilla Engagement

Next week I’m heading out to LA for the Communications Network Conference. The Communications Network is a membership organization for communications professionals in the philanthropic field that provides resources, guidance and leadership to advance the strategic practice of communications in philanthropy.

While I’m there, I’ll be participating in their Gorilla Engagment Squad. You’ll see frequent posts to this very blog about who’s there, what’s being said, and what are the latest ideas in philanthropic communications strategy. You can follow along even more closely on Twitter using the hashtag #ComNet010.

With Annual Conference Season upon us, the Communications Network is already providing great ideas for how to better communicate the value of your organization: create a Gorilla Engagement Squad! In advance of their conference, they’ve signed up 41 people to blog, tweet, and video everything that’s going on. That’s more than 10% of attendees who will be actively promoting, discussing, and utilizing knowledge gained at this event.  Not a bad way to kick things off.

More soon from the Golden State.


One response to “Gorilla Engagement

  1. After hearing from a member about her great experiences as part of last year’s Gorilla Squad at the ComNet conference we’ve decided to undertake this effort at our annual conference in November.

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