True EngAGEment

In their December newsletter, Grantmakers in Aging highlighted their partnership with the Forum network so I thought I’d do the same here. This collaborative partnership has been very successful for all involved and we’re happy to be a part of it. Here’s what GIA had to say about the relationship’s growth:

Beginning in January, four new regional associations of grantmakers will launch EngAGEment Initiative projects to raise awareness of aging issues and educate foundations about opportunities for funding in the field of aging.

The new partners include the Arizona Grantmakers Forum(Phoenix), the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy(Hartford), the Florida Philanthropic Network (Tampa), andGrantmakers of Western Pennsylvania (Pittsburg).

This brings to 16 the total number of regional associations who have participated, or are participating, in EngAGEment, which has been funded by grants from The Atlantic Philanthropies.

Earlier this year, GIA expanded the EngAGEment Initiative’s reach by adding two national partners and two issue group partners.

The new national partners include The Forum of Regional Associations(Arlington, VA) and the National Center for Family Philanthropy(Washington, DC);Grassroots Grantmakers(operates as a virtual organization) andGrantmakers for Children, Youth and Families (Silver Spring, MD).  Each has launched a unique project designed to raise awareness of aging issues and opportunities to its respective constituency.

You can read GIA’s full newsletter online. It’s full of good stuff.


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