Social Media Round Up

I’ve been reading a lot of great social media posts lately. Here’s the cream of the crop.

The Engagement Pyramid: Six Levels of Connecting People and Social Change
What does it mean to “engage people”? Gideon Rosenblatt talks through six different levels of engagement people can have with your organization– from Observing and Following, all the way to Owning and Leading, in an article reprinted from Groundwire. (via Idealware)

“Controlling” Your Social Media Message
Laura Quinn takes a look at the myth that your social media message is either completely controlled or entirely out of your control: the truth, as always, is somewhere in between. (via Idealware)

Are Nonprofits Wasting Time Developing Mobile Apps?
As nonprofit campaigners, it’s our job to engage our constituency, move them up the ladder of engagement, and of course raise more money. New tools and mobile apps should always be on our radar. But have nonprofit campaigners in the U.S. been drinking too much Kool-aid these past couple of years and putting too much faith in mobile apps? Allyson Kapin gives us the facts.

And the flip-side, by Laura Quinn:

Engaging Constituents Using Mobile Technology
The era of phone booths and answering services is gone. Mobile phones are so ubiquitous that a year ago, 88 percent of households had them—and that number’s only on the rise. Regardless of your organization’s demographics, chances are that a majority of your constituents use mobile phones. Many people who don’t have reliable access to a computer still have their own mobile phone; on the other end of the spectrum, those who like to stay on technology’s cutting edge have access to increasingly sophisticated smartphones. This widespread use means nonprofits are finding it more valuable to communicate with constituents using text messages, web pages, and mobile applications.

Study: 4 Things You Must Do to Build Your Brand on Facebook
Over on All Facebook, Meredith Singer delves into a report from Beyond that provides the keys to Facebook success: 1) discounts (42 percent of people friend a brand to get a discount), 2) Forget the risk (only 5% of comments are negative), 3) Empower fans (they help each other to help you), and 4) Text and image get the most likes (not video).

Seven Steps for Live-Tweeting Success

As live-tweeting becomes more popular with each conference, it’s good to have some best practices backing you up. Renee Rybak Lang gives us hers in this post. They include promotion, practice, teamwork, measurement, and more.

How-to: DIY Community and Content Mapping
Network alum Amy Sample Ward provides a simple and instructive way to map your online community and decide which tools to use to reach them. The content map is similar to the publishing matrix Allen Gunn presented awhile back, but coupled with the community map, this could be a powerful strategy tool.


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