Top Ten Blog Posts of 2010

We launched this here blog back in March and we’ve seen steady growth across 2010. Let’s take a look back at the posts that meant the most to you (at least in terms of visits).

What was popular this year? Technology, people, and the economy.

User Scenarios for KM 2.0

This post was also our most-commented. No surprise there since we needle the Knowledge Management Partners pretty hard to give us feedback. Who will be using the new Drupal-based CMS we’re designing? This post lays out some possible profiles.

10 Questions or Less for Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz

Who doesn’t love Buffy? The Forum network’s resident social media maven, she’s always ready to share a resource or get us thinking about the next big thing.

Jumo as Dashboard

When Jumo debuted to less than stellar reviews among the nonprofit technology set, I tried to see the positive and offered an alternative vision for the new platform.

Philanthropy Jobs: Where to Begin?

It’s the economy, stupid. Were you looking for a job in philanthropy? Maybe a better job in philanthropy? This post provided a few resources to get you started.

ABAG Leads Baltimore Integration Partnership for Living Cities Integration Initiative

ABAG makes its second appearance in the top ten! This time for getting leading a partnership for a better Baltimore.

10 Questions or Less for Kristen Ruff

K-Ruff (as I call her) was one of our earliest 10 Questions or Less profiles. We picked her for her contributions to the Knowledge Management Initiative. She’s whip smart and knows every work around there is for our common database.

Towards a Common Platform

When it came time to begin thinking about a new content management system for our network, we had to articulate a vision of where were wanted to go. This post was an attempt at that and still informs our ongoing work in this area.

Using Video to Tell Your Story: Examples, Tools, and More

Video blew up this year. From Flip video cameras and YouTube to Ustream and gorilla engagement squads, this post highlighted how regional associations are leveraging video in their communications with members, donors, and more.

Philanthropy Northwest’s Conference Blog; or, This Is How It’s Done

Speaking of communications, Philanthropy Northwest did a fantastic job covering their annual conference on their blog. Really, this is a case study in conference communications. Check it out.

Closing Keynote Questions Relevance of Regionals

And continuing the theme of conferences, the #10 post of the year was a guest spot by Betsey Russell of SECF who reported on the closing keynote of the Forum’s annual conference—a speech by Byron Harrell that shook up the conventional thinking about regional associations and the work they do.


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