The Next Evolution of GrantCraft

Last week it was announced that GrantCraft will be transitioning from the Ford Foundation to relaunch as a joint project of the Foundation Center and European Foundation Centre.

For the past ten years, we’ve known GrantCraft under the leadership of Jan Jaffe, who has been instrumental in capturing and advancing grantmaker knowledge. In a recent blog post, Gerry Salole of European Foundation Centre put it this way:

GrantCraft works so well because it focuses on grantmakers’ tacit knowledge: that which is understood and gained from experiential learning, but which is not regularly expressed or discussed. Grantmakers are often not aware of how much knowledge they actually possess, or how valuable it can be for others; GrantCraft skillfully taps into this.

Salole goes on to discuss  GrantCraft in the context of a “bricoleurs toolbox” – “the assortment of fundamental skills and expertise that can be mixed and matched” to take advantage of the collaborative and exploratory nature of the craft of grantmaking.

If you’re interested in learning more about the changes happening at GrantCraft, check out the videos on the GrantCraft homepage in which Jan Jaffe, Bradford Smith, and Gerry Salole discuss the transition. Also, be sure to keep up with their blog for regular updates at


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