2011 Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Gathering Recap

By Yves Etheart, Manager of Member Services Special Initiatives, Philanthropy New York

On February 7th, Philanthropy New York was pleased to host the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Gathering. We welcomed our attendees— from the Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers, the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy, Delaware Valley Grantmakers, the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers, Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania, and the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers—to an all-day meeting where we updated each other on our best accomplishments from 2010 and our top goals for 2011. A roundtable on public policy, facilitated by Jason McGill, Vice President for Member Services at Philanthropy New York and Barbara Taylor, Executive Director at Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania, enabled our attendees to share their thoughts on the best ways that our associations could maximize our members’ relationships with policymakers and act as a convener and a connector between the philanthropic and governmental sectors.

The real treat of our meeting was the time dedicated to staff breakouts that focused on the various responsibilities that our guests perform at their organizations. Focusing on areas such as Member Services and Engagement, Programming, Communications, and Administration and Finance, and facilitated by Philanthropy New York staff members, these breakouts enabled attendees to not only discuss the trends and topics that had motivated their work over the past year, but candidly share the professional challenges “keeping them awake at night.” I can speak to my experience in the Communications group that ideas and advice were shared with candor, and that this opportunity for professional development was well-received and beneficial to everyone in the room.

We at Philanthropy New York hope that all of our attendees had a wonderful time visiting our offices, and we looking forward to participating in—and maybe even hosting!—future versions of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Gathering.



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