News from the EngAGEment Initiative

Much of the Forum network is working diligently with Grantmakers in Aging to introduce grantmakers to the many needs of our aging population through the EngAGEment Initiative.

Indiana Grantmakers Alliance and Washington Regional Associations of Grantmakers will each receive $10,000, one-year Opportunity Grants to continue their work to build awareness of older adults and their issues of concern within philanthropy and their broader communities. Each previously had received two-year EngAGEment Initiative grants.

Indiana Grantmakers Alliance will  encourage the development of new resources to be infused into lifespan community programs, projects and/or policies; and to share information and best practices from the previous EngAGEment experience with Indiana’s corporate, community and family foundations.

Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers will continue the efforts of its Working Group on Aging, which is partnering with the Council of Government’s Washington Regional Aging Network to advance Region Forward, a plan and campaign to create a more accessible, sustainable, prosperous, and livable metropolitan Washington, DC region by 2050. The project will also continue to build on the momentum of the “Blueprint for Healthy Aging” learning series with a series themed “Quality Jobs/Quality Care.”

A third group, operating out of Kansas City, Missouri, called Nonprofit Connect, also received funding to further develop and broaden the project’s outreach strategy through the creation of a speakers’ bureau, production of new videos and a brochure, and hosting a Metropolitan Forum on Aging.

If you would like to see the work your regional is doing through the EngAGEment Initiative featured in Forum Bits or on the Forum’s blog, contact Dan Brady.


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