Welcome to the Network, Delaware Grantmakers Association!

Over the last two years we have set out to create a “new” Forum that seeks to strengthen the capacity of regional associations to serve their members and to expand and broaden the reach of regional associations in order to have a stronger impact on issues impacting philanthropy.   We are happy to report that we are further expanding our reach by welcoming our 35th member to the Forum network—the Delaware Grantmakers Association!

The Delaware Grantmakers Association (DGA) is led by Wilfred (Wil) Sherk and is housed within the Delaware Community Foundation.  DGA was formed in the Spring of 2010 following a report commissioned by the Delaware Philanthropy Forum that pointed generally to the need to increase levels of support for the nonprofit sector in the state and specifically the need for donors and grantmakers to organize to increase their effectiveness.  It seeks to provide information, education, networking and collaboration opportunities to individuals, corporations, and foundations who make significant charitable contributions in Delaware, and to strengthen philanthropy through public information and advocacy.  It will also work to increase the number of institutional donors supporting nonprofits in the state.

The Forum board recently approved DGA  as a provisional member of the Forum, so Wil has now been added to our list serves.  Please join us in welcoming Wil to the network!


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