FOTH Report: Philanthropy Northwest

Delegation members with Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho (second from left)

Reports from FOTH are beginning to roll in. Mindie Ruele, Program Manager for Public Policy at Philanthropy Northwest, comes in first with her excellent recap over on the PNW blog.

Mindie and her regional delegation met with 18 elected officials or their staff while in DC. Here are some of her takeaways:

Philanthropists and elected officials share a deep commitment to figuring out society’s toughest challenges. Philanthropy’s independence from government allows our sector to approach those problems in different ways than government might. Several times, I heard elected officials say, “Philanthropy would be the perfect neutral convener for a conversation about (fill in the blank).” You can fill in that blank with lots of different topics: tax reform, poverty alleviation, better public-private collaboration, education, and more.

Many of our Senators and Representatives have economic development on their minds. They want to know what else can be done to ensure that all Americans have access to good-paying jobs. In addition to being part of and funding the nonprofit sector – which makes up around 8-12% of private sector jobs in most of our states – philanthropy supports programs that provide training, loans and assistance for low income and marginalized populations across our region.

Read Mindie’s full post here. Did you delegation have a similar experience? Let us know in the comments.


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