Report Details How Public/Private Partnership Brought $30 Million to Connecticut

TANF ReportA marriage of government, philanthropy and nonprofits that brought $30 million in new federal funding to Connecticut to help needy families during the recession is outlined in a report by the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy.

How a Public/Private Partnership Brought $30 Million and 6,650 Jobs to Connecticut (PDF) describes the significant challenges and innovative solutions of the partnership that successfully secured millions in federal stimulus funds for the state in 2010 and 2011. The state’s philanthropic community, government representatives and nonprofit advocates partnered to leverage the funds through the Emergency Contingency Funds of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program.

The Public/Private Partnership report begins with an overview of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, or federal stimulus package, with information about the effects of the economy.

The report documents the unique elements of the partnership with the Governor’s office that resulted in the formation of the 33-member working group, a committee of foundation representatives, statewide nonprofit coalitions, community colleges, Workforce Investment Boards, and the State Departments of Social Services and Labor, and the Office of Policy and Management.

The report explains how the working group overcame six significant challenges and how they kept on track in organizing the effort in a compacted three-month schedule. The group’s solutions are outlined in the report and include: work schedules, funding consultants, revenue sharing formulas and state legislation.

Through the leadership of the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy, private funders provided new funding that could be leveraged four-to-one to help needy families. Highlighted in the report are the elements that made a difference to the lives of those most affected by the economic downturn. For example: 1,100 families received grants to help pay for fuel and supplies. $10.6 million provided subsidized jobs for 6,650 Connecticut youth and adults with more than 800 employers.


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