Forum Contracts ThinkShout to Develop New KM CMS

After a comprehensive vendor selection process, the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers has selected ThinkShout, a leading Drupal development firm based in Portland, Oregon, to build the next iteration of the Forum’s Knowledge Management platform. Drupal is a powerful, scalable, flexible, and highly interoperable open-source CMS. Using Drupal will assure a solid technical foundation for our sites and will lay the groundwork for a comprehensive content sharing solution for regional associations.

ThinkShout owners Sean Larkin and Lev Tsypin have been passionately involved in nonprofit tech and open source software development for the majority of their individual careers. Over the last five years, Sean and Lev have managed over 100 Drupal development projects. ThinkShout continually pushes the boundaries of open source software development to consistently release software that serves the needs of the nonprofit community.

The Forum’s KM Initiative is comprised of a Content Management System (CMS), an Association Management System (AMS), and a Knowledgebase that spans all sites. The Drupal CMS as designed by ThinkShout will replace our aging and restrictive CMS with an extendable, modular, open source Drupal system. IMPak, a web-based membership database provided by ISSI, Inc., will continue to be offered as the KM Initiative’s AMS solution, though now we will offer the option of integrating with Salesforce as well.

Participants in the KM Initiative include:

  • Conference of Southwest Foundations
  • Connecticut Council for Philanthropy
  • Council of Michigan Foundations
  • Council of New Jersey Grantmakers
  • Donors Forum (IL)
  • Donors Forum of Wisconsin
  • Florida Philanthropic Network
  • Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers
  • Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania
  • Indiana Grantmakers Alliance
  • Maine Philanthropy Center
  • Northern California Grantmakers
  • Ohio Grantmakers Forum
  • Philanthropy New York
  • Philanthropy Northwest
  • Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

The Forum embraces the principles and power of the network and the KM Initiative is a concrete demonstration of our commitment to working smart together. In its current iteration the KM Initiative has accomplished unparalleled cooperation and collaboration among regional associations. The partners in this community share a wealth of knowledge that leads to greater successes for each RA, all while simplifying and streamlining back office functions. Acting together, we can harness the power of this system to deliver better programs and a more satisfying experience to all our members.


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