New Look for LearnPhilanthropy

Earlier this fall, LearnPhilanthropy (LP) conducted 22 hands-on user tests of the LearnPhilanthropy prototype with staff, donors, and trustees from a variety of different types of grantmaking and philanthropy support organizations. These tests have helped LearnPhilanthropy to identify eight priorities for site improvement:

  1. Redesign the front page so that it’s inviting, active, compelling, and clear.
  2. Further develop LP’s search function – make it easier to find and more highly functional
  3. Improve initial search screen
  4. Populate and format the resource landing pages
  5. Improve the log-in/register page
  6. Build out the individual profile functionality
  7. Add and build more interactive elements
  8. Test initial value-added content, like collections of resources, Q&A, etc.

They are currently preparing the site for another round of user testing. Click here to sign up to be a user tester and/or to review more of LearnPhilanthropy’s page designs. Please also share this opportunity with grantmakers in your region.

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LearnPhilanthropy is a network of people from all parts of philanthropy who are working together to create a stronger, more rational, and less fragmented system for grantmaker learning than we have today.


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