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Staff Meeting: Mary O’Neill, Director of Programs

Staff Meeting is a feature here on the Forum’s Forum through which we check in with Forum staff members to find out what they’re working on, how you can get involved, and what they do in their off-hours.

Name:Mary O’Neill
Position: Director, Programs
Years with the Forum: 6.5

What are your primary responsibilities at the Forum?

As is the case at many regional associations with smaller staffs, I do a little of everything. My primary areas of focus are member benefits, programs, events, public policy, external partnerships, and special initiatives. I also handle administrative issues such as human resources and support Mike with board and funder relations. Every day is different!

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

I enjoy having a variety of projects to work on, and there is never a shortage of projects at the Forum! I am a task-oriented person so I like being in a position to use the ideas and guidance of those of you who are experts in a topic and turning them into a program or resource that can benefit everyone. I also love working with and learning from my colleagues at regional associations and other infrastructure groups. I’ve been in this field for almost 15 years now and have built strong relationships that help me do my job better but have also led to real friendships which I value greatly. Continue reading