CNJG’s Facing Our Future Updated

The Council of New Jersey Grantmakers has released an updated 2012 version of the Facing Our Future Report.  This nonpartisan report updates the 2011 report and identifies specific, measurable options needed to refocus and redefine government services.  The report is an outcome of a volunteer leadership group comprised of individuals with extensive senior experience in state government under the umbrella of the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers to provide an objective, independent analysis of the long-term fiscal challenges facing all levels of New Jersey government in the next five years.

With FOTH next week, public policy action is in the air. The report is getting lots of coverage in the press with more rolling in every day. Here are few examples.

Death By a Thousand Cuts: The Crisis in Government Services

N.J. Governments May Need 20% of Service Cuts, Report Says

Blue Ribbon Group of Leaders Issue 2012 Facing Our Future Report

How is your regional addressing government services?




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