Meet Phil Anthropy!

Recognizing a need for more family-focused resources, Indiana Grantmakers Alliance’s Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana (YPII) has developed a family philanthropy gift box that will bring philanthropic concepts directly to youth and their families in a concise, thoughtful and creative way.

Phil and His Family’s Adventures in Giving” is a gift box of resources that will provide youth and their families a language for giving and serving that connects to philanthropic experiences and the building of stronger communities. The gift box introduces characters, stories, and activities that will help families incorporate the spirit of generosity into their everyday living.

Thanks to a grant from Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, Indiana Grantmakers Alliance will provide a complimentary copy of this “gift box” to each regional association. The YPII team spent the last 3 years researching, creating, developing, and beta-testing this resource with community foundations, family foundation youth generations, and corporate employee volunteer/CSR programs, as well as individual families. Through the Pulliam grant they will partner with local and statewide organizations that work with after school and in school programs to provide families with gift boxes and take them through hands-on learning experiences.

If your organization is interested in family philanthropy trainings and ordering gift boxes for your youth and their families, please contact Eileen Ryan. An informational PDF flyer is available.


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