PRI Makers Network and More for Mission Are Now Mission Investors Exchange

PRI Makers Network and More for Mission are joining forces to become Mission Investors Exchange, a resource for foundations and related organizations that are using investments as tools for achieving their philanthropic goals.

Mission Investors Exchange will be made up of the more than 200 philanthropic organizations, including foundations of all types and sizes. Peter Berliner, managing director of Mission Investors Exchange, explains,

“The new organization reflects the growing interest among foundations in using a range of financial strategies, including both below-market and market rate investments in their philanthropy. Mission Investors Exchange will provide a central forum where diverse views are shared and new partnerships are formed.”

According to a recent Foundation Center report, one in seven foundations report making mission investments, in addition to traditional grants, to achieve their goals.

David Wood, Director of the Initiative for Responsible Investment at the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard University said,

“Through our strategic partnership with Mission Investors Exchange, we can jointly build on the work of many pioneering organizations to strengthen the field of mission investing and free more capital to fuel social change.”

Mission Investors Exchange is based in Seattle Washington, and operates as a program of Philanthropy Northwest.


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