The Future of LearnPhilanthropy

LearnPhilanthropy Planning Committee co-chairs Dave Campbell and Joyce White have announced the Committee’s recommendation to establish LearnPhilanthropy at the Council on Foundations, with a governance and operating model that maintains the essential nature of LP as owned by the field, and built by and for the field, and adds strategic value to the Council as well.

Talks between LearnPhilanthropy and the Council are underway, and the LP Planning Committee and work team will be consultinging with new COF CEO Vikki Spruill and her team over the summer and fall to create a formal Memorandum of Understanding that defines the roles and responsibilities of both COF and a LearnPhilanthropy Governing Council in the operating and governance process. The move will bring greater stability and continuity to LP efforts, and greatly expand outreach capability.

Meanwhile, the LearnPhilanthropy team is also executing on a highly focused set of activities, designed to keep up the momentum in growing LP content and engaging our expanding collaborative community.

  • Bring more Content Partners, including individual foundations, to the site
  • Expand our searchable catalogue of resources
  • Attract guest bloggers to the LearnPhilanthropy site
  • Develop a starter collection of resources for foundation learning officers, and others who play that role without the title
  • Develop a list – from both crowdsourcing and tapping experts – of the greatest books on philanthropy

For more information, sign up for the LearnPhilanthropy newsletter at


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