Recent Regional Releases

Weaving the Fabric of Philanthropy
Arizona Grantmakers Forum and its members strove to unite grantmakers, nonprofits, and the community through its work in 2011. Check out AGF’s annual report for details.

Giving in St. Louis
The Gateway Center for Giving has released the 2012 Giving in St. Louis report. This report is a follow up to their landmark 2004 report Private Dollars for Public Good and benchmarks individual, corporate, and foundation philanthropic giving in St. Louis, Missouri.

Giving Forum: Summer 2012
Latest issue of Minnesota Council on Foundation’s quarterly newspaper focusing on collaboration and collective impact. There is a growing consensus about the benefits of collaboration in creating fundamental systems change. When and how should this method of working together to jointly attack our toughest social problems be used? Get the best tips and stories from Minnesota grantmakers and nonprofits doing just that in the new issue.

Lessons for Philanthropy: A Journey into Indian Country & Giving in Indian Country
Philanthropy Northwest’s report on their process and lessons learned as building relationships in Indian Country became a defining principle for Philanthropy Northwest. The Giving in Indian Country report breaks down PNW’s regional giving study to focus on giving to the region’s giving to American Indian and Alaska Native populations.

Trends in Northwest Giving Infographics
Philanthropy Northwest has produced two infographics that highlight some of the most interesting findings of its 2012 edition of Trends in Northwest Giving, a biennial report on organized philanthropy in its six state region (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming). The first infographic represents the main findings of the entire report and the second highlights giving to community improvement and capacity building.


Our Region, Our Giving- 2012 Edition
Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers has released its latest giving study showing that both giving and assets solidly increased in the region in 2010. Estimates for 2011 show slight decreases in both categories, but nothing nearly as drastic as seen during the crisis. It was produced in partnership with the Foundation Center and made possible through generous support from Capital One.


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