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10 Questions or Less for Cindy Frantz

10 Questions or Less is a feature here on the Forum’s Forum in which we get to know regional association staff members a little better—their work, what drives them, and more. This week,  Cindy Frantz, Communications Director at North Carolina Network of GrantmakersIf you would like to suggest someone for a profile through 10 Questions or Less, contact Dan Brady.

What would you say was the most popular member program by North Carolina Network of Grantmakers this year?

The annual meeting continues to be our most popular member event, but this year we’ve also had great success with a series of skills based workshops for emerging leaders and new grantmakers. We’ve used the Essential Skills and Strategies curriculum and are offering each module individually every few months. We have received positive feedback and continued interest, so we have also offered skills based sessions that aren’t included in the ESS curriculum, such as Evaluating Nonprofit Financials, and Conducting Effective Site Visits. One of our seasoned members usually teaches the session which saves on costs and serves as a good opportunity for members to network. This method works well because we’ve found that it easier for folks to get away for a half day than taking two full days out of the office. Continue reading


Register Now at the New FOTH Website!

The Forum, Council on Foundations, and Alliance for Charitable Reform are excited to announce that the Foundations on the Hill (FOTH) 2013 website is now live! The website,, has a lot of great information and resources including hotel information, legislative resources, and meeting planning resources.

Foundations on the Hill will take place on March 19-20, 2013. FOTH is an annual event for grantmaker and regional association representatives to meet with their members of Congress to promote the important role philanthropy plays in serving the public good in your regions. Last year saw more than 220 foundation and grantmaking representatives from 35 states and the District of Columbia, including 80 first-time attendees. Next year’s event marks our 11th year partnering with the Council and our first year of full partnership with ACR.

Stipends for first-time attendees of FOTH will once again be available. Stipends are worth up to $1,200 of travel (air and ground) and hotel expenses. Additionally, the recipient’s regional association receives a $300 award to continue public policy and advocacy efforts in the region. Applicants must be a member of the Council, a regional association, or ACR. The application and requirements will be available on the FOTH website later this week.

EngAGEment Snapshot: Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania

Guest Post by Kathy McCauley, EngAGEment Coordinator, Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania

Ours is a story of learning from what experienced sites and our local advisors had to tell us.

Just to focus on the value of that local group: Barbara Taylor, executive director of Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania (GWP), assembled an advisory board that knew the issues, knew this community, and devoted a lot of time to being part of the programs and talking with other funders. We were fortunate to have in this group people with such national perspective as Nancy Zionts (Jewish Healthcare Foundation) and Mary Anne Papale (Highmark Foundation), along with a team of such creative minds and diverse experience as Amy Snider (United Way of Allegheny County and, more recently, the David S. and Karen A. Shapira Foundation), Mildred Morrison (Allegheny County AAA), Dr. Judith Black (Highmark), and Nancy Kukovich (Adelphoi USA).

Here’s one example of this group at work: when I proposed a set of programs for year two, the group said, “Those are nice, Kathy, but we need to get the engagement of our larger foundations. Why not ask them how they have sparked change, and ask them to help how we could do that for aging?” That is how we decided on one of our central programs, “How’d they do it?”—which gave us a deeper understanding of how to help change our region’s approach to tapping the talent of older adults and supporting healthy aging. Continue reading

Highlights from RA Blogging

There are currently 15 regional associations blogging.  A highlight of recent activity is below.

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Other regionals blogging include Arizona Grantmakers Forum, Association of Baltimore Area GrantmakersColorado Association of Funders, Council of Michigan Foundations, Gateway Center for Giving, Florida Philanthropic Network, Philanthropy New York, and Southeastern Council of Foundations.

Forum and Council Now Partnering with ACR on FOTH

Foundations on the Hill (FOTH) 2013 will mark the 11th year of partnership between the Forum and the Council on Foundations but also the first year of full partnership with the Alliance for Charitable Reform (a project of The Philanthropy Roundtable)!

For the past few years, ACR has hosted a popular Summit for Leaders the morning before the official start of Foundations on the Hill. By partnering on one integrated two-day event, we hope to provide a more streamlined and comprehensive program for our members and to present a coherent front to Federal officials.

Stay tuned for an announcement on the launch of the FOTH website and registration!