Regional Associations Coordinate Response to Hurricane Sandy

In the week since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Northeast, regional associations have been coordinating with their member foundations to bring relief to affected areas.

CNJG President and Forum Board President Nina Stack said, “When a disaster hits like what we’ve just experienced it can deal a death blow to nonprofit organizations. As many of you know, your grantees rarely have the kind of reserves necessary to rebuild, let alone the financial resources to have adequately insured and prepared in advance.”

Given the magnitude of the devastation and tireless ongoing recovery efforts, we’d like to share some of the best resources we’ve seen shared across our network. We will update this list as additional resources become available.


For information about how to help in your region, please visit these websites:

Forum members seeking more information on disaster grantmaking, can find additional resources on the Forum’s Disaster Planning and Recovery page (login required).


The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) is the go-to resource for philanthropists looking to help when disaster strikes. They will be sharing information that they collect and offering unique analysis of the storm’s impact on their website at its Hurricane Sandy hub.

The CDP has also established the CDP Hurricane Sandy Disaster Fund as well as a hotline for strategic philanthropic advice/assistance at (206) 972-0187. An audio recording of their October 31st call for funders about the storm is available here.



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