Southern California Grantmakers Joins KM Initiative

The Forum is pleased to announce that Southern California Grantmakers has joined the Knowledge Management Initiative. The Forum’s integrated system consists of a dynamic web site supported by a robust Drupal content management system integrated with the industry-leading Salesforce database and featuring a collective Knowledgebase of quality materials for grantmakers. With SCG, nearly three quarters of regional associations are participating in KM.

Last year, the Forum network began revamping the KM System to infuse new technologies, integrate with modern systems, and scale the platform for differing audiences. The new KM System is built as an open source platform through which the Forum and RAs will have the potential to work together to provide continuity of knowledge, share syndicated content, better match the interests and talents of their audiences, expand the reach of materials and program promotion, and streamline technology implementation throughout the field.

Our KM Initiative has created an unprecedented level of collaboration among RAs and the Forum in the form of a peer-learning network. The commitment of our member organizations to this collaborative work is the key success for this initiative. The list of RA participants includes:

Arizona Grantmakers Forum
Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers
Colorado Association of Funders
Conference of Southwest Foundations
Connecticut Council for Philanthropy
Council of Michigan Foundations
Council of New Jersey Grantmakers
Donors Forum (Illinois)
Donors Forum of Wisconsin
Florida Philanthropic Network
Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania
Indiana Grantmakers Alliance
Iowa Council of Foundations
Maine Philanthropy Center
Minnesota Council on Foundations
North Carolina Network of Grantmakers
Northern California Grantmakers
Philanthropy New York
Philanthropy Northwest
Philanthropy Ohio
Southern California Grantmakers
Washington Grantmakers

The KM Partners and the Forum will be launching their new integrated Drupal-Salesforce sites throughout 2013.  To find out more about the Knowledge Management Initiative, contact Val Rozansky.


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