Partnering for Impact

partnering_for_impact_cover 115x150Regional associations of grantmakers can be natural and effective partners for national funders that wish to derive greater impact from their work in local areas. Regional associations have the ties that create strong local networks, the trust that creates local buy-in, and the knowledge about local issues, interests and culture. All of these things are absolutely vital for a national funder to incorporate if their work in local communities is to be successful.

But what should national funders and regional associations keep in mind when working together? How do different perspectives come into play, and how do they affect understanding, implementation and outcomes of joint projects?

Our colleagues at the Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers (ABAG) and the Annie E. Casey Foundation are pleased to share Partnering for Impact: Combining National Knowledge with Regional Leverage for Local Impact, a new report for the field of philanthropy that attempts to answer some of these questions.

This report documents the experiences, successes and lessons learned during the Learning and Action Agenda Project, an effort to provide local grantmakers with information and strategies around issues of importance to the Casey Foundation —particularly around the Foundation’s Family Economic Success framework — and to motivate them to take action on those issues within their own communities and networks.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation has a longstanding partnership with regional associations to share learnings and knowledge with grantmakers. It is our hope that this report will serve as a guide for other national funders who wish to partner with regional associations. Likewise, we hope that this document may also serve as a resource for the staffs at all regional associations as they consider similar work.

The full report and its companion, Partnering for Impact Quick Guide For National Funder/Regional Association Partners, are available online at .

For questions, please contact Elisabeth Hyleck, Special Initiatives Director at

Elisabeth will lead a plenary session at the 2013 Forum Conference that will summarize the report and explore its themes. We also plan to do a webinar for RAs about the report later in the summer.


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