Tax Reform on the Road

Charitable_Giving_Coalition_LogoIn late June Senators Baucus and Hatch, Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee, announced a “blank-slate” approach to tax reform. This approach strips out all deductions, exclusions, and credits and asks all Senators to make a case for why such tax breaks- including for charitable donations- should be maintained. Senators have until July 26 to submit their proposals.

Senator Baucus and Representative Camp, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, are also taking tax reform on the road this summer. Their first stop was to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area with visits to 3M and Baldinger Bakery. They have also created a congressional website,, to seek input on the issue, and new Twitter account, @simplertaxes.

To support your efforts to inform your lawmakers on the potential impact of tampering with the charitable deduction, the Charitable Giving Coalition has provided materials under the “Take Action” section of the Coalition’s website including:

  • Strategic and tactical recommendations and guidance
  • Talking points
  • Template letter to elected officials
  • Template news release
  • Template op-ed
  • Message and media guidance

Regional Associations on the Topic


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