Connecticut Council for Philanthropy Starts Blog

Connecticut Council for Philanthropy has started a blog, CTPhilanthropyNotes, where CEO Maggie Osborn and other staff will tackle the tough questions facing philanthropy today.

In a recent post, Maggie ponders the power of both the Forum Network and Connecticut Council of Philanthropy’s own network of grantmakers:

As valuable as sharing information is, we also need to  help each other  act on that knowledge and hold ourselves accountable to demonstrate our impact in a transparent and data driven way. How do we come together to learn up and build out, holding ourselves responsible for the power of our statewide philanthropic network that is also part of the largest network serving philanthropy in the world? How do we utilize the knowledge of best practices and issues to go about the business of building a better Connecticut?

This big thinking blog is one you’ll to subscribe to. Be sure to keep up with all the action through Connecticut’s Facebook and Twitter.


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