WRAG Launches Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility

In partnership with Johns Hopkins University, Washington Regional Associations of Grantmakers has announced a new initiative: The Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility. The Institute will offer a professional certificate in corporate social responsibility with a curriculum designed by WRAG members Booz Allen Hamilton, Capital One, Freddie Mac, the Hitachi Foundation, Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation, Pepco Holdings, Inc., and Washington Gas, and under the guidance of the American Express Foundation’s Timothy McClimon.

This four-part, year-long program examines the scope and complexity of CSR, including its evolution, components, best practices, measurement models, key issues, and current trends. WRAG President Tamara Copeland said, “The Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility is an exciting step forward for philanthropy. By learning together and developing a common skill set, CSR professionals from companies of all sizes will become equipped to maximize the impact of their philanthropic dollars at a time when our country needs them the most.”

For more information visit the Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility’s website or contact WRAG’s Katy Moore.


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