The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers (the Forum) is a national philanthropic leader and a network of 33 regional associations of grantmakers. It supports philanthropy by strengthening the ability of all regional associations to fulfill their missions; these associations promote the growth and effectiveness of philanthropy in order to improve life in their communities.

The Forum organizes its activities and applies its resources against six priorities:

  • Strengthen: We strengthen effective and efficient geographic associations and provide support and services to them.
  • Connect: We leverage the assets of our network.
  • Expand: We promote greater participation in geographic associations.
  • Knowledge: We share knowledge and informed practice.
  • Voice: We communicate clearly philanthropy’s impact and interests.
  • Channels: We develop partnerships based on beneficial exchange

Dan Brady, the Forum’s Communications Manager, is the primary writer for the Forum’s Forum. If you have any questions about content you’ve seen here or are interested in contributing, please contact him directly.


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  1. REALLY liking the blog so far – just signed up for the RSS feed – great job!

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