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Forum’s Drupal Project Included in 8 Amazing Drupal Launches E-book

Click here to read the eBookThe KM Initiative, guided by regionals in the KM Partners Group, continues to attract attention from the Drupal and Salesforce communities for it’s scope and innovation. The Forum’s revamped Knowledge Management platform is included in  8 Amazing Drupal Launches, a new e-book from Pantheon, the premier enterprise hosting provider for Drupal. Pantheon clients include Cisco, the New Republic, Arizona State University, YMCA, AAA, and 30,000 other sites.

Pantheon highlights our project and the KM Partners as the “first non-developers to deploy sites on Pantheon One,” Pantheon’s enterprise solution for hosting many sites on one platform.

In the e-book, ThinkShout‘s Sean Larkin describes how his team saved more than 100 hours of development time and launched 17 websites on a single Drupal distribution without using the conventional method of Multisite, a development environment that allows sites to share a single Drupal installation (core code, contributed modules, and themes).

As our live sites begin to launch through December and early 2014, the KM Partners are looking forward improved web experiences for their member grantmakers through cleaner user interfaces, simpler navigation, advanced search engines, enhanced user profiles, and more!

For more information about the Forum’s KM Initiative, please visit www.givingforum.org/km.


KM Initiative Showcases Collaboration at Dreamforce

The Forum’s Val Rozansky, along with Kim Snipes from Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers and Bill Corkill from Council of Michigan Foundations, recently presented on the KM Initiative’s new Drupal-Salesforce platform at Dreamforce, the Salesforce users conference. The conference had a physical turnout of 140,000 attendees with over 100,000 participating remotely. Over 5,000 nonprofit organizations were in attendance, including many foundations.

The KM session was incredibly well received and our work is garnering much attention from the philanthropic and technology sectors alike.  Collaboration like ours is practically unprecedented in both fields and the longevity of our initiative lends credence to our proven track record. Work from our project is appreciated for its innovation and has already begun to impact both sectors. The Salesforce module in Drupal which ThinkShout built for our platform is now in use by over 1,000 websites and is even powering United Way’s integration.

A recording, PowerPoint slides, and notes from the session will be available soon.

Knowledge Management Initiative Drives Drupal Innovations

When it comes to collaboration, you need to pick your partners wisely.

The Forum’s Knowledge Management (KM) Initiative is an innovative collaboration by 21 regional associations and the Forum to provide a technology infrastructure to meet the requirements of RAs and strengthen the collaboration and knowledge sharing between RAs and colleague organizations. Working jointly as a network, we can capitalize on the knowledge and support gained from working with peers, reduce duplication, quickly spread innovative solutions, and seamlessly share content.

Over the course of the last few months, we’ve been working with ThinkShout, a bleeding edge Drupal developer, to revamp the KM Initiative, replacing our aging systems with the most advanced CMS and CRM solutions available. When we selected ThinkShout as our partner on this project, we knew we were getting innovative thinkers who understand the advantages of working collaboratively; after all, they’re regular contributors to the Drupal development community. But even with our high expectations, ThinkShout has surprised us with some of their out-of-the-box ingenuity, building new solutions when none existed before.

Perhaps the best example of this is the Relevant Content BEAN module. Okay, things are about to get nerdy. You can read all the details over on ThinkShout’s blog, but I’ll do my best to summarize. Continue reading

Forum Contracts ThinkShout to Develop New KM CMS

After a comprehensive vendor selection process, the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers has selected ThinkShout, a leading Drupal development firm based in Portland, Oregon, to build the next iteration of the Forum’s Knowledge Management platform. Drupal is a powerful, scalable, flexible, and highly interoperable open-source CMS. Using Drupal will assure a solid technical foundation for our sites and will lay the groundwork for a comprehensive content sharing solution for regional associations.

ThinkShout owners Sean Larkin and Lev Tsypin have been passionately involved in nonprofit tech and open source software development for the majority of their individual careers. Over the last five years, Sean and Lev have managed over 100 Drupal development projects. ThinkShout continually pushes the boundaries of open source software development to consistently release software that serves the needs of the nonprofit community. Continue reading

User Scenarios for KM 2.0

As part of the planning for the new open source content management system the Forum and our partners will be developing (aka Project Booted Eagle!), we’ve developed a number of user scenarios. These scenarios represent the multitude of ways that users and system admins will use the platform and its Web sites to accomplish tasks critical to delivering their organizations’ missions.

Ultimately, we are attempting to address a few questions with these scenarios: 1) What do users want to be able to do on a member Web site? What do we as organizations want them to be able to do? What happens when they do it? And, the big one, what value is presented to the user?

So I ask you, do these user stories ring true? Have we missed anything? Please add your own user scenarios for your own Web sites. While there will be a great deal of overlap between the behavior of Forum Web site users and your own, each regional offers unique services and experiences for their members and we want to be sure to capture them all as we inventory the needed functionality of the new system.

Continue reading

Towards a Common Platform

Technology moves fast and it’s up to us to keep up with it. The Forum and its regional association partners, in consultation with the Council on Foundations, is beginning the process of looking for a new content management system built on a shared platform to upgrade our existing Knowledge Management System. We believe that an open source solution holds many benefits moving forward including platform flexibility, community support, and overall cost.

That said, like our new content management system, we want our selection process to be open. Across the next few months, we’ll be regularly posting updates, questions, and commentary and we want your input. You can leave comments here on the blog or them directly to Dan Brady at dbrady@givingforum.org. Continue reading